How we developed the cube heater

In 2008 a project manager at a major energy company came to us with an interesting request. The manager was responsible for overseeing a quarter of one of the large processing facilities located in the boreal region north of Fort McMurray, Alberta. A challenging problem On his section stood an array of 200 valves through … Read more

Shawcor CSI Project

Making an ambient environment for employees and their work Shawcor CSI Services is a pipe coating facility located in Nisku, Alberta. Nisku is one of the largest industrial parks in Western Canada, but the summer season is short and the minimum temperature stays above 10°C (50°F) only about 5 days in the year. In 2011, … Read more

Troubled Project

Electrical Mishaps Some projects seem fraught with bad luck. In this case, the client was constructing three oil storage tanks for a major energy company. The project ran for five months over the winter of 2014-2015. Desert Air was providing 32 kJ (30M BTUs) across seven heaters, maintenance for five other heaters owned by the … Read more

Park Derochie project

How one client used Desert Air Rentals for project success Park Derochie, Alberta’s largest tank coating contractor, has been recognized as No. 1 in Canada by the Journal of Protective Coatings and Linings. The company has a stringent quality program, and is the only company in Canada holding certifications in QP1, QP2, QP3, and QP6 … Read more