Cube Heaters

The Desert Air cube heater is the first and only large indirect-fired air heater built for safe, efficient, and stress-free operation in the extreme Canadian weather.

Available in 1M BTU and 5M BTU capacities.


High efficiency heat output

The advanced heat exchangers warm the room faster than typical heaters using the same amount of fuel.

Temperature sensors

Remote monitoring

The heater’s built-in web server lets you connect it to the Internet so that your personnel can see the status of the heater anytime and from anywhere. Operational alerts and routine maintenance notifications can be received via email.

With this level of insight into your heater’s performance and operation, you can think again about whether you need to keep a dedicated mechanic on site.

Advanced control

The cube heater is the first heater to use a Smart Motor Controller (SMC), giving you critical safety features and unprecedented efficiencies, such as:

  • Automatic correction of the motor rotation—eliminating the need for phase-rotation testing at startup
  • Speed control for more efficient heating in any size of space
  • Soft start motor that lets you use a 50% smaller generator—saving you even more on fuel.

And if there’s a problem, the SMC automatically sends a message to the heater’s computer to display in a web browser or forward to your personnel.

1M BTUs, accessible components for easier maintenance

Designed for the environment

Fuel filter changes are easier and faster with more convenient access. Built-in spill containment stops fuel spills from spreading.

The larger 5M BTU heater is front-ended with a lockable control room, where field personnel can operate the control panel and change the fuel filter in protected, ambient comfort.

 Easiest operation possible

Your field crew will not need specialized knowledge or training. They’ll use the simple start and stop buttons and fan and temperature control knobs. Or they can adjust the fan and temperature on the touch screen while reading the heater’s operational status.

Designed for in-field repairs

Downtime is minimized since most servicing can be carried out in the field. The need to ship the heater back to a shop has been mostly eliminated.

Built for rugged conditions and years of use

The heater is built with all-steel construction and is designed for torsional rigidity. Unlike typical heaters, it can be placed on any type of terrain and withstand frequent moves.

Optional Diesel Generator

Easy to transport

The 1M BTU model can sit in the back of a pickup truck and can be moved with a forklift.

The 5M BTU model is about the size of a small shipping container and can be moved with just a loader…no crane required.

And with the optional onboard diesel generator, you’ll find moving and setting up the heater is even easier.

Scalable for large projects

For your large or complex projects, you don’t need to bring in dozens of heaters and hope for the best. The smart capabilities of the Desert Air cube heater allow them to be used in combination to deliver superior heat with fewer heaters. We’ll help you figure it out.

Support for your budget and your crew

The heater’s web server even provides a Wi-Fi hotspot that you can make available to your field crew. That’s one more feature that you can use for better project management.

Desert Air cube heaters are available for sale or rent. Compare and analyze costs of operating cube heaters vs. standard heaters with this this interactive model.

How to complete a winter project in record time

When the Jackfish 2 SAGD plant, located in the boreal forest of northern Alberta, was under construction, two oil tanks had to be sandblasted and coated in the dead of winter.

A single 1M BTU Desert Air cube heater was used to heat one of the tanks. It kept the tank warm at 35 degrees (95°F), even when the outside air temperature dropped to -47 degrees (-53°F).

Once the coating on that tank had cured, the cube heater was moved to the second oil tank, taking over from two other heaters that were providing 1.4M BTUs.

As a result, the project finished successfully and ahead of schedule.

Steady efficient heating for a large project

Optimized heating solution for storage tanks
Optimized heating solution

Two tanks are heated simultaneously using Desert Air cube heaters. The 5M BTU heater and one of the 1M BTU heaters provide the initial heat. Two more 1M BTU heaters reheat the air in each of the tanks, further maintaining constant even temperature.

This configuration is possible only with Desert Air cube heaters. The smart capabilities make heating solutions scalable.

A permanent solution for environmental control

Shawcor CSI Services is a pipe coating facility located in Nisku, Alberta, one of the largest industrial parks in Western Canada. In this region, the minimum temperature stays above 10°C (50°F) for about 5 days in the year.

In 2011, the company installed a Desert Air heater to warm the shop where the employees paint and coat piping. The workers found that the heater gave them better control for maintaining warm, dry air for curing out their products. They also appreciate how easy it is to operate the heater.

Since then, Shawcor CSI has continuously used the Desert Air heaters to deliver precisely controlled heat in the workshop.

Desert Air cube heaters are available for sale or rent. Pricing includes planning, installation, and orientation of your field personnel.

To find out more about how Desert Air cube heaters can give you better control over your winter projects and reduce risk to your crews, download the Cube Heater Brochure or call or email today.

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