Park Derochie project

How one client used Desert Air Rentals for project success

Park Derochie, Alberta’s largest tank coating contractor, has been recognized as No. 1 in Canada by the Journal of Protective Coatings and Linings.

The company has a stringent quality program, and is the only company in Canada holding certifications in QP1, QP2, QP3, and QP6 combined.

One day, Park Derochie suddenly required heaters for a job on very short notice. A quick call was made to Desert Air Rentals, and we immediately brought in the heaters and set them up. The equipment worked flawlessly and the project ran for three months with only minimal downtime for maintenance.

In the words of the client,

“Desert Air Rentals exceeded my expectations on the setup and in the performance of the equipment. Where Chris Benedict excels over others is in his knowledge and pre-planning. He asks all the right questions and he knows how to get from A to B. He arranges details with the foreman and he communicates with the site owner so that permissions are granted and there are no surprises. Other companies need to be led along.

“The rental heaters function without problems because Chris keeps on top of scheduled maintenance. Most other heaters always have some major downtime.

“Without the services of Desert Air Rentals for this job, it would have taken me several weeks to get heaters in place, and the whole job would have been delayed.”

— Pat Selzler, Tank Division Manager Park Derochie