Optimized Heating Solution

If you want to heat two or more environments simultaneously, there’s a very good chance you’ll benefit from an optimized heating solution. Here is an example that involved two large storage tanks sitting side by side.


This configuration requires the use of cube heaters. They have the necessary electronic mechanisms that can automatically keep the inside of the tank evenly warm.

Included in this configuration were one large cube heater and three small cube heaters, and ductwork:Heating Solution

  • The large (4.5M BTU) heater provided the basic heating
  • One small (1M BTU) heater took in air from the large heater—air that had lost some warmth just by passing through the ductwork. The heater provided a boost by rewarming the air and then feeding it to the two storage tanks.
  • Each storage tank had its own small (1M BTU) heater that rewarmed the interior air.

Even during the coldest weather, the field personnel working inside the tanks enjoyed steady, even heat throughout the project.

All this with just 7.5M BTUs over four heaters.