Industrial heating solutions

Indirect-fired air heaters—wherever safe and reliable warmth is needed.

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Desert Air Rentals provides indirect-fired air heaters for sandblasting, coatings, and construction industries—any place where safe and reliable warmth is needed.

Choose from heaters ranging from 1 million to 5 million BTUs.

Or tell us about your requirements and we’ll help you find what you need. Whether your project is simple or complex, we have a solution for you.


Desert Air Cube Heaters

[lgc_column grid=”50″ tablet_grid=”50″ mobile_grid=”100″ last=”false”]First and only heater designed for the extreme Canadian weather.

  • High efficiency heat output warms space faster
  • Remote monitoring capability lets you check status
  • Notifies you when it’s time for routine maintenance
  • No special training to operate

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5M BTU Cube Heater Closet and Control Panel


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[lgc_column grid=”75″ tablet_grid=”100″ mobile_grid=”100″ last=”true”] When you call to order your heater, you’re talking to a team of experts who have spent decades in the energy industry keeping people and equipment safe from cold and moisture. From extreme remote locations to urban worksites, we’ve serviced them all. We’ll help you plan a heating solution for the weather of the area, the topography of the site, and any site barriers or restrictions. Our installation will reduce your risk:

  • We communicate with the site owner to get safety approvals.
  • We do the power and fuel hook-ups.
  • We train your crew on the basic operations and provide one-on-one orientation for your mechanic on diagnostic skills and preventive maintenance.

Heating more than one space? We’ll give you an optimized configuration that will save you time and money. We’ve got answers to all your heating questions. Give us a call today. 1-780-405-5826[/lgc_column]

Other Products

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Industrial Dehumidifiers

Delivers dry air needed for restorations, cleaning up fire damage, and painting, sandblasting, and coating projects.

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Get all the components and parts you need for your heating solution— from ductwork and fuel lines to generators, fuel tanks, and replacement burners.

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Download checklists, ebooks, templates, and more.


“Desert Air Rentals exceeded my expectations on the setup and in the performance of the equipment. Where Chris Benedict excels over others is in his knowledge and pre-planning. He asks all the right questions and he knows how to get from A to B. He arranges details with the foreman and he communicates with the site owner so that permissions are granted and there are no surprises. Other companies need to be led along.”
Pat Selzler, Park Derochie

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